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Responsible Sourcing

TJX believes in the importance of responsible and ethical sourcing in our supply chain. We strongly value the relationships that we have developed with our vendors, which are built on a foundation of honesty, trust, and ethical business practices. We believe these relationships have been a key factor in our long-term success.

Our responsible sourcing initiatives cover a variety of evolving areas of interest. These include our long-standing Global Social Compliance Program, as well as newer initiatives related to the environmental impact of certain products and packaging and chemicals management within our operations.

Responsible sourcing and social compliance are tremendously challenging undertakings. Our efforts are rooted in continuous improvement, which we believe can be achieved by making our commitments clear to our vendors, buying agent(s), and Associates; through our auditing and training efforts; by responding to issues as appropriate for our business; and by continuing to assess opportunities to enhance reporting.

Updated September 2022